We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

How We Can Help You?

The process of choosing a new IT solution (CRM, CMS, eCommerce, etc) is full of uncertainty for non-techies as the best solution depends on many factors such as business needs, budget, etc. At Root IT Services we focus on your business needs and use our IT expertise to provide you with the most suitable solution.


Designing & developing a website/blog for your business to help you improve your business online presence.


Implementing an eCommerce website for your business to help you increase customer reach and generate more sales.


Helping you decide which IT solution is the most suitable for you according to your business needs.

Information Systems Implementations


Installing & configuring various IT solutions such as CRM, Marketing Automation, Support System, etc on a VPS or AWS.

Migration Services


Migrating your existing website or IT solutions from one hosting provider to another or to a VPS or to AWS.

Help & Support

Providing help & support to resolve any technical issue you are having with any of your IT systems.